What's A PopWheel Station?

Docking Station as a Service

PopWheel converts an Electric Vehicle into a Docking Station for Personal Mobility Devices. The station provides docking, charging and rebalancing for Personal Mobility Devices such as Electric Kick Scooters, Mini-Segways, Electric Skateboards etc.

PopWheel Stations are easily Deployable, Relocatable & Trackable using PopWheel's Web Dashboard. Our Docking Station as a Service comes with an API, which enables Last Mile Transportation companies to deploy their own stations without handling any charging or rebalancing operations.


How Do PopWheel Stations Work?

If your company operates or wants to deploy its own electric scooter sharing network, you can simply use PopWheel's Dashboard to build or manage your mobility sharing network.

1. Login to PopWheel's Dashboard.

2. Build your PopWheel Station & choose any location in the city or on campus to deploy.

3. Sit back & relax, our team will deploy your station within 48 hours.

4. Once the station is deployed, use PopWheel's Dashboard to relocate or track usage metrics in real-time.


Types of Personal Mobility Devices PopWheel Stations Support


Kick Scooters


Electric Skateboards


Mini Scooters/Segways

PopWheel Station Features

Station API

PopWheel's Station API enables you to lock/unlock, manage temperature, and monitor battery life & charging of the station.

4g LTE

Our station comes with built-in 4g LTE. We make it simple for you to have the best data connection inside PopWheel Stations so that you can manage your fleet easily.

24/7 Secured

PopWheel Stations come pre-installed with live security cameras, you can access a live security feed at any given time.

Fire Suspension

We understand how important it is to keep things safe, that's why our station comes pre-equipped with a Fire Suspenion System.

24/7 Managed Operations

Simply use our dashboard to manage your charging and rebuilding operation, our team handles the rest.

Your Branding

Stations can have your logo and branding, we provide in-house white label services.

PopWheel Pricing

Our Docking Station as a Service is available on monthly subscription

Enterprise (Volume Discounts Available)

$ 1199

Per Station/ Per Month

Station API Access

24/7 Charging & Rebalancing Included

Relocate Up to 2 Times Per Day

24/7 Managed Operations

Store & Charge Up to 40* Personal Mobility Devices

Real-time Usage Metrics & Analytics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

Who deploys & relocates stations?

Our PopWheel team deploys and relocates stations, you simply have to use our dashboard or API to move the station to your preferred location.

How do riders access PopWheel Stations?

You will integrate our API into your app to lock or unlock stations, we use a Pacifa Hybrid Minivan as the station. Once the user unlocks the station through the app, the door slides open and the user can access or return the personal mobility device.

How many times can I relocate each station?

Whether you want to park the station at a fixed spot or if you want to move it around it's up to you. Each station can be relocated twice in one day.

What about charging?

Each station is capable of keeping up to 40* Personal Mobility Devices charged for up to 5 days

Why an Electric Vehicle as a station?

We tap into EV's main battery pack to keep personal mobility devices charged, you can think of PopWheel Stations as "Movable Batteries On Wheels".

What about security?

PopWheel Stations are fit with Smart Security Cameras with 24/7 Live Feed, you can monitor everything that goes on in the station and our team always keeps an eye on it as well. In case bad things happen, our insurance partner takes care of any loss.